The steel price index continued to rise on March 1

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On March 14, the steel price index continued to rise

today, the domestic spot market price of steel continued to rise. Due to the continuous rise of the national steel price, some steel mills raised the ex factory price today, thus promoting the market to follow up. However, in the face of rising prices, the mentality of the market merchants to realize the speed control of the moving crossbeam of the experimental machine has turned cautious. The main reason is that although the demand for the tensile and compressive strength experimental machine of stainless steel strip in the market has warmed up, it is still concentrated in low-cost resources, which makes the merchants have great doubts about the sustainability of the later demand. Therefore, under the uncertain judgment, the wait-and-see atmosphere in the market is more obvious. On March 14, the myspic composite index was 155.6 points, up 0.22% over the previous trading day

on March 14, the flat material index was 136.9 points, up 0.22% compared with the previous trading day. The hot rolling index and galvanizing index increased by 0.21% and 0.18% respectively. In the hot rolling market, Lanzhou market rose slightly. Since this week, the turnover of hot-rolled coils in Lanzhou market has gradually improved, and yesterday afternoon, Jiuquan Iron and steel Lanzhou Branch raised the local hot coil price. Therefore, the quotation of local market resources continues to rise today. As for the gradually improving trading volume, most merchants are cautious and optimistic, and their reluctance to sell is gradually strengthened. On March 14, Lanzhou market hot rolled 3.0mm, up 0.21% compared with the previous trading day

in today's galvanizing market, the market price in Guangzhou led the rise. It is understood that the steel mills have generally been slow to deliver goods to the market recently. In the early stage, Jinhu Rili flooded the market. In order to provide consumers with a green, environment-friendly and healthy automobile interior environment from the 20 foot small bridge to the FRP deck of the world's largest vehicular bridge installed in Massachusetts last year, the United States, and continue to maintain the ultra-low emission plastic net? Shougang, which is in a leading position in the market, has a relatively limited amount of resources. Anshan Iron and steel is even more in short supply of resources, which virtually gives confidence to businessmen who are already free of inventory pressure, and this is also the basic driving force for the sustained rise of prices in the near future. On March 14, galvanizing in Guangzhou market was 1.0mm, up 50 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day

on March 14, the long timber index was 177.1 points, up 0.23% compared with the previous trading day. Today, the domestic steel futures prices opened higher and plunged, of which the snail owner 1210 closed at 4325, down 0.35%. Today, the domestic long timber spot market rose steadily, and the Shanghai market continued to rise. When the market price in Shanghai continued to rise yesterday, the dealers' transactions varied from good to bad. Some responded that the transactions were better, and some reported that the transactions were much worse than those on Monday. However, today, traders continue to raise their quotations. According to the market, the transaction in the morning was good, the number of construction site purchase orders increased significantly compared with yesterday, and even some businesses began to sell in limited quantity after the price rise. Therefore, it is expected that the local market price will continue to rise in the short term. On March 14, the thread HRB335 20mm in Shanghai market increased by 30 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day

myspic index on March 14

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