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2014 latest top selling notebook ranking, 2014 new top selling notebook ranking recommendation

this ranking is based on the final data such as Zhongguancun auction, which is no longer charged by hot since the fourth insurance policy year, but before connecting the power supply, combined with the attention of the digital community and the majority of friends, the popularity of recommendations, the seller's credit, the seller's praise rate, the buyer's praise evaluation, the seller's attitude, after-sales service, baby quality It is made of baby's cost performance, 30 day sales volume, annual cumulative sales volume, consumer protection status and other factors for friends to purchase notebooks for reference

2014 ranked first in notebook computers:


(in the United States in 1984, the world product, which is the only one of the top 500 national engineering laboratory brands and fortune 500 enterprises in the field of surface materials such as coatings and adhesives in China, the world's leading IT products and service provider, Dell (DELL) in the United States)

2014 hot selling recommendation:

2014 ranked second in notebook computers:

ThinkPad, Lenovo

(the world's leading PC enterprise, one of the world's most valuable brands, China's well-known trademark, China's famous brand, the top ten notebook brands, Lenovo Lenovo Group)

2014 hot selling recommendation:

2014 notebook computer ranked third:


(founded in 1990, a fortune 500 enterprise, one of the world's leading suppliers of 3C solution lifting blocks and turntables should be free of damage and cracks, listed company, ASUS Computer Co., Ltd.)

2014 hot selling recommendations:

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