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Novacel 9309: film used to protect bright and vulnerable surfaces

novacel is the world's leading company in industrial surface protection solutions. The company is pleased to introduce novacel 9309 film to the market, which is a high-grade film used to protect bright and vulnerable surfaces, especially the metal surface with PET plastic film or PVC decorative film used in the home appliance market. It can also be used to protect the hot formed "" used in the three-dimensional forming market (furniture market), just like today's sports equipment 1, the surface of bright decorative materials

novacel 9309 film is a high-grade film with a thickness of 40 m. It is colorless and transparent, and has automatic bonding performance without solvent. Novacel's product shows that the company continues to abide by its commitment to sustainable development policy

novacel 9309 thin film CNTs have a very large aspect ratio, which is characterized by high brightness and good transparency, which can better foil the surface that needs to be protected, and can avoid the lack of protective film. Of course, it is effective, especially it will not produce micro bubbles

stable and reliable performance. According to customer requirements, novacel 9309 film can be printed with customer's logo, trademark or other advertising or technical information

novacel 9309 film is delivered as a coil of one kilometer or three thousand meters, with a maximum width of 2800 mm

source: French science and Technology Department

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