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Notice on business visit to Myanmar

in order to enhance the economic and trade cooperation between Chinese and Myanmar enterprises, at the invitation of the Myanmar Embassy in China, we will organize a delegation to Myanmar for business visit. The main matters are as follows:

1 Introduction to Myanmar: Myanmar is a friendly neighbor of China, with an area of more than 670000 square kilometers. It is the second largest country in Southeast Asia. It is very rich in natural resources. Teak, ferreous wood and sandalwood are world-famous. There are many kinds of mineral resources, large reserves of tungsten and tin. Gemstones, pearls and jade are famous all over the world. It is also difficult to make sure that the coast is rich in all kinds of marine fish and shrimp. After the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Myanmar, the economic and trade relations between the two countries have continued to develop. After the two countries officially launched border trade in December 1988, the trade volume increased significantly, from US $40million per year to US $580million in 1998. The two governments have signed a number of economic cooperation agreements. With the economic development of the two countries, the economic and technological cooperation between the two countries has expanded from a single official assistance to investment, labor services, project contracting and other fields. By the end of 1997, Chinese companies had signed a total of 183 labor and engineering contracts in Myanmar. The treatment methods for the defects of the simply supported beam impact testing machine were: items, with a total contract amount of 398million US dollars. In 1998, 103 new contracts were signed, with a contract amount of 523million US dollars. Chinese companies have invested 31.55 million US dollars in Myanmar. According to the current actual situation of China Myanmar trade, border trade plays a more extensive and significant role. The scale of border trade has expanded year by year, with a wider range and higher level. It has developed from simple trade to multifaceted and multi-level economic and technological cooperation, including commodity trade, tourism, cooperative mining, construction of power stations, construction of roads and so on. The market contact between the two sides has also expanded from the commodity market to technology, labor and other aspects. The Burmese government also allows Burmese businessmen to use RMB at the border. There are more than 500 kinds of Chinese goods entering Myanmar through border trade, which can be divided into three categories: first, consumer goods, including textiles, food, medicine, cultural goods, cooking utensils, tableware and children's toys; Second, capital goods such as machinery and equipment, machine parts and building materials; Third, all kinds of industrial raw materials. Specific export commodities include cigarettes, fabrics, diesel engines, cement, beer, cotton yarn, batteries, drugs, fuel oil, paraffin wax, milk powder, ceramic tableware, knitwear, daily necessities, sugar; The main imported commodities are wood, jade, fish, manganese ore, dried beans, sesame, rawhide, mango, rattan, mosquito rice, dried longan and kapok

2. Purpose of the visit: to establish and develop trade exchanges and economic cooperation with Myanmar enterprises. Including: visiting the border trade and Myanmar's main wholesale markets and retail markets, promoting our products and technologies, projects, and counterpart negotiations

3. Visitors: heads and business executives of relevant departments and enterprises of the Chinese government (Association)

4. Visit time: early August

the schedule is:

on the first day, pick up at Mangshi airport in Yunnan, arrive at Ruili, stay at Kaitong International Hotel

on the second day, Ruili - Lashio, Myanmar (inspection and sightseeing)

on the third day, Lashio - Mandalay

on the fourth day, Mandalay morning business negotiation, afternoon inspection and sightseeing

on the fifth day, Mandalay - Yangon (night market shopping)

on the sixth day, the minister of trade of Myanmar met, Visit the market in the afternoon

on the morning of the seventh day, the Myanmar General Chamber of Commerce talks about afternoon sightseeing

can be prepared according to the customer's product requirements according to GB, ISO, JIS, en and other standards. On the eighth day, Yangon Pugan

on the ninth day, Pugan Meimiao (visiting Meimiao lake, waterfall, patriotic Buddha, etc.)

on the tenth day, Meimiao Muse (living in Muse or Ruili)

on the eleventh day, the return trip is over

Yangon is the political, economic, transportation and cultural center of Myanmar, Mandalay is the second largest city of Myanmar, Lashio is the Sino Myanmar trade and adopts the current 4-octave frequency technology center, and Meimiao is a famous tourist attraction in Myanmar

5. Expenses: 4900 yuan per person, including food, housing, transportation, investigation and certificate handling expenses

6. registration: that is, until the quota is full. Please inform our committee of the list of visitors (name, age, gender, unit, position, ID card number) in Chinese and English, and send two copies of ID card and nine one inch bareheaded photos to mailbox 3, Di'anmen post office, Beijing, zip code: 100009. Visitors do not need to apply for passports, and our commission is responsible for exit procedures. Contact:, fax:. Our committee will issue a notice of visit and registration on July 29. It is hereby notified that the Secretariat of the central and Western China opening up association

China Southeast Asia business commission

June 27, 2000

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