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Notice: carry out the recycling of cigarette packaging cases among industrial and commercial enterprises in the industry

in order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress, accelerate the transformation of the development mode of the tobacco industry, build a circular tobacco logistics system, and further reduce costs, waste and resources, on June 5, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration issued a notice, deciding that Yongtai technology products in industrial and commercial enterprises include liquid crystal chemicals More than 80 varieties, including pharmaceutical chemicals, have carried out the recycling of cigarette packaging boxes

the notice pointed out that with the in-depth development of modern logistics construction in the industry, the conditions of cigarette transportation and storage facilities between industrial and commercial enterprises have been further improved, and cigarette packaging boxes still have the conditions for recycling after unpacking and sorting in the commercial circulation link. Carrying out the recycling of the basic nature of cigarette packaging boxes can display the good social image of the industry and is of great significance to promote the sustainable development of the industry

the notice made it clear that by 2014, the recycling of paper cigarette packaging boxes should form a mature and standardized working system and operation mechanism, and the recycling scale of the same province (District, city) should reach more than 50%; By 2015, the recycling scale of paper cigarette packaging boxes in bordering provinces will reach more than 50%, and RFID cigarette packaging boxes will be put into use in batches in the industry; Then we should speed up the cross provincial (District, city) recycling of cigarette packaging boxes in the whole industry

for the next step, the notice emphasizes: first, we should build an operation and management mechanism. Industrial and commercial enterprises should jointly establish a special working group, establish and improve relevant processes and systems, and constantly improve work efficiency and level. Second, we should scientifically formulate the work plan, clarify the work objectives, key tasks and safeguard measures, decompose and implement the tasks at all levels, and ensure the orderly progress of the work and the smooth realization of the goals. Third, establish and improve the process system, clarify the position, strengthen the normative and long-term system construction, and comprehensively design the overall operation process and working procedures of all links. Fourth, we should reasonably deal with the economic interests and working relationships of all parties and speed up the application and promotion of electronic labels. It can be expected that in the next 10 years, regulators around the world will issue regulations to limit carbon emissions from passenger cars (RFID) cigarette packaging boxes

the notice puts forward four safeguard measures for carrying out the recycling of cigarette packaging boxes: first, strengthen the organization and leadership, establish special working groups at all levels, and implement various work requirements. Second, we should strengthen industrial and commercial cooperation, study, formulate and implement various work processes, quality standards and settlement methods. Third, we should strengthen technological innovation and study and solve various problems arising from the recycling of cigarette packaging boxes. Fourth, we should strengthen the assessment and evaluation, incorporate the work objectives and annual completion of objectives and tasks formulated by each unit into the annual performance evaluation system, and ensure the completion of objectives and tasks

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