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The innovative development trend of pneumatic control valve transforms traditional products into high-end valves

the pneumatic control valve industry has come to a huge and fierce competition in China. The future development trend of pneumatic control valve is the focus of enterprises and customers. There is a huge and fierce competition in the pneumatic control valve industry in China. The future development trend of pneumatic control valve is the focus of enterprises and customers. It has become an important topic in the market

at present, China's valve enterprises should adhere to innovation, adjust the product structure and transform the tradition. At the same time, BASF also hopes to contribute to the development of the bio based material industry in Jilin Province and march towards high-end valves. It is required that large-scale enterprises must take the lead in this regard, strive to gradually win over one-third of the domestic valve products purchased from abroad, and improve the level and competitiveness of the domestic pneumatic control valve industry. While small enterprises, first, take professional production, do a good job in one factory and one product, and do a fine job. There is still a particularly large demand space for the foam granulator industry, so they work hard to improve management and improve process tooling, Improve the quality and taste of products and the competitiveness of the force measuring mechanism

in the automatic control of modern chemical plants, regulating valves play a very important role. The production of these plants depends on the correct distribution and control of flowing liquids and gases. These controls, whether energy exchange, pressure reduction or simple container charging, need some final control elements to complete. The final control element can be considered as the physical strength of automatic control

between the low-energy level of the regulator and the high-energy level function required to perform the flow fluid control, the final control element completes the necessary power amplification

the electric control valve uses electricity as the driving energy, which is convenient and reliable, and has sufficient resources. Secondly, the pneumatic control valve has certain limitations in all aspects. Because the pneumatic control valve uses the air source, its installation is more complex than the electric control valve. Experts have made a detailed analysis and pointed out that the advantages of the electric control valve are obvious, and the pneumatic control valve is still very competitive in the market, Moreover, it will not be eliminated in the past hundred years, and there is still a lot of room for the improvement of various materials and properties of pneumatic control valves, especially in the development of performance, in the sensitivity and installation of valves, high efficiency and energy saving, so as to truly bring the work of pneumatic control valves in pneumatic actuators into play to a large production efficiency and level

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