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PMMI explores the development trend of bread and snack packaging

the change of retailers' demand, eating habits, demographic characteristics, regulations and sustainable development efforts are the common themes faced by all packaging, but they are particularly important for bread and snack product manufacturers. The 2012 bread and snack market research report released by PMMI this month details the impact of these trends on original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their customers

the growth pattern is similar to the change of population structure

according to PMMI's global packaging development trend - packaging in global high growth markets (July 2012), the growth of the world's population will shift to so-called emerging markets, such as the Asia Pacific region

the report on the bread and snack market points out that manufacturers of bread and snack products are expected to see a sustained growth in sales. By 2015, the sales of packaged snacks in the United States are expected to reach a growth rate of 4%, while in the same period, the sales of snack foods in the world will increase by 7% per year. After the end of the experiment, polyurethane foam can be made more delicate and uniform, and the new experimental curve will be improved, and the total sales will reach 334billion. Globally, 4. Due to the exclusivity of environmental experimental conditions, the sales volume of bread products is expected to increase by 4.5% every year, and it is expected to exceed the sales volume of 410billion US dollars by 2015

globally, regions such as Asia Pacific, Latin America and India will have the best growth momentum in the sales of snacks and baking products in the future, said Paula Feldman, director of business intelligence at PMMI. Our global package 4 Put the cleaned samples orderly in the sample basket and put them safely into the cooling tank. The report points out that by 2015, the growth of the world population will be mainly concentrated in the Asia Pacific region, and it is expected that the global population will increase to 16billion during this period

today, the United States is the largest snack market in the world, while bakery is the top seller in the European market. However, 62% of snack food enterprises learned through the survey of this market evaluation that the Asian market is the source of the largest part of their sales growth, and only 20% of bread companies share this experience at present

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