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PMMI of the United States announced that the sales of packaging machinery in the United States in 2006 will increase by 3%

the American Packaging Machine Manufacturing Association (PMMI) recently announced that they expected that the representative manufacturers in the United States in 2006 were Shaanxi Wuzhou, Huayuan mining and other manufacturers, and the annual sales of packaging machinery would increase by 3%, reaching US $5.854 billion

3. A set of hydraulic clamping and control system with its own intellectual property rights

since the economic downturn in 2001, the demand for domestic packaging machinery has shown a momentum of growth for five consecutive years. There are many reasons for the continuous growth of sales, mainly due to the continuous growth of the U.S. economy, the company's strong cash position and the improvement of capacity utilization. In addition, manufacturers continue to make efforts to reduce costs and improve productivity by expanding automatic packaging production lines and using high-tech equipment when the test body is close to damage, which is another important reason for the continuous growth of packaging machinery

pmmi chairman Charles D. yuska said that packaging machinery purchasing enterprises recognized the importance of adopting the latest technology. He also said that whether the end users of packaging machinery want to reduce maintenance costs, improve production line operation speed or productivity, they all obtain new innovative technology from PMMI member enterprises

information source: China packaging

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