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Pneumatic conveying equipment material seal pump is energy-saving and environmental protection

first, close the oil delivery valve. Overview of material seal pump:

material seal pump is a new type of powder pneumatic conveying equipment, which uses the injection effect of high-speed air flow to convey powdery materials. It has the best effect within the equivalent distance of 450m and height of 40m

features of the material seal pump:

simple structure, simple operation, less operation, and continuous ash delivery. It can automatically adjust the output of the material seal pump, and can achieve a good ash delivery effect. The pressure of the ash delivery medium is low, and the equipment pipeline valves should not be worn

model feeding pipe diameter (mm) conveying capacity (m/h) air volume (free) (m/min) air pressure (kPa) motor work to ensure the normal utilization rate of the experimental machine (3. The magnitude of the measuring force of the traditional experimental machine basically depends on the lever balance principle kW) what's more serious is to assume that these dust enter the spring to change the equivalent length of the experimental machine system conveying

working principle of the material seal pump:

the material seal pump uses the action of air jet, Make the air drive the ash particles to send the ash to the ash silo. The material seal pump is mainly composed of four parts: nozzle, cylindrical pump body, nozzle regulating device and bottom vaporization device. The energy of the material seal pump during operation comes from two parts: one part is the kinetic energy of the fan, and the other part is the potential energy of the material column. The column height, potential energy, pressure and conveying capacity are correspondingly large, and vice versa. When the material seal pump works normally, maintain a certain level height. When the electrostatic precipitator blanking volume increases in a short time and the material seal pump is still working normally, the level height naturally increases. With the increase of the material level height, the material pressure increases, the potential energy increases, and the conveying capacity correspondingly increases until the system automatically balances. When the electrostatic precipitator blanking volume decreases in a short time and the material seal pump is still working normally, the level height naturally decreases, As the height of the material level decreases, the potential energy decreases, and the conveying capacity decreases accordingly until the system automatically balances

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