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For private cinemas packed into pockets, 2018 new popular high-cost 1000 yuan projectors are recommended

projectors are believed to be familiar to everyone. The projectors we usually use are generally bulky and can only be used at home or in the office, which is very inconvenient to carry out. With the rapid development of science and technology in recent years, projectors have gradually developed from bulky appearance to portable

now look at the projectors on the market. Some of them are not only light in appearance, but also can be carried around, which is convenient for you to watch videos anytime and anywhere. Today, I'd like to recommend some popular Mini projectors in the market. If you like them, you can learn about them together

the projector of storm is small and exquisite in appearance design, with a size of only 13cm. It can be picked up with one hand and is convenient to move at any time. You can put it into your pocket when you go out, and you can watch it wherever you go. With a brightness of 220 lumens, the picture is delicate and clear. Using hdr10 technology and DLP Cinema Technology, the contrast between light and shade of the picture is bright, which can truly restore the original color, and the visual experience is more wonderful

it adopts 6-layer lanthanide glass lens, which has high light transmittance and superior imaging effect. Using image quality engine technology, the picture details, sharpness, saturation, etc. have been greatly improved, and the picture experience is more wonderful. The projector is equipped with a stable triangular support, which can flexibly adjust the angle, even if it is projected to the ceiling for viewing, it can be easily adjusted

the built-in battery lasts for a long time, and there is no pressure to watch two movies continuously. The equipped mobile power supply is also a bracket, which can be adjusted by 90 degrees sideways, making it convenient to watch while charging. The projector can be controlled intelligently through app, which makes it more convenient to operate anytime and anywhere. It can provide you with excellent sound quality, and also has a large number of film and television resources to choose from to meet the viewing needs of different groups

the appearance design of this projector is smaller than an egg. You can take it away in your hand. Watching the movie does not affect other functions of the. It can be used normally even if it is played in the background. It supports the use of apple and Android, and can easily enlarge the screen in seconds with one click operation. It supports external charging bank, which is convenient for charging at any time. Watching movies is more stable. The rate ≥ 0.0 makes the voltage value 1 standard value: such as 20v5%, but these materials are usually very sensitive to humidity and temperature fs/s

this projector is thin in appearance and weighs only 190g. It is very portable when you go out. Using German LED technology, the picture is transparent and clear, bringing you a better movie viewing experience. The bulb has a long service life, 6 hours a day, and can be used continuously for 8-10 years. With a large number of film and television resources to choose from, it also supports live broadcasting, which brings you a more comprehensive audio-visual experience

[04] Ditong m36s projector

the projector uses an eight core Qualcomm processor, which runs fast and smoothly, making it more enjoyable to watch blockbusters or play games. The design of the lens protective cover can not only carefully protect the lens, but also solve the problems of dust, scratches and so on. Using new projection technology, the picture is clear and bright, and the color is realistic. The bulb has a long service life. It can be watched for 8 hours every day and can last for 10 years

the brightness of the projector is as high as 2000 lumens, which can be directly cast on the white wall even in the daytime, and the effect is very outstanding. The diffuse reflection imaging principle can effectively avoid looking directly at the light source and reduce the damage to the eyes. The projector adopts Android system, which can install and run office software smoothly, so that you can work more efficiently and effectively. It has a wide range of compatibility. In addition to computers, other devices can also be connected

if you need a portable, easy-to-use, good-looking and multi-functional micro projector, the above will be very valuable in terms of price, performance and appearance value. After obtaining product certification, you can share the choice with entrepreneurs

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