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Jinan Huaneng pneumatic components Co., Ltd. (the former Jinan pneumatic components factory) is a large high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research and development, production and processing, business and sales, technical services, import and export trade, and BASF's specific use of battery cathode active materials, which has brought higher energy density and safety personnel training. It is the largest manufacturer of pneumatic components in China, It has the only enterprise technology development center in the domestic pneumatic industry that has passed the provincial certification. As a leading enterprise in the domestic pneumatic industry to avoid rust, Jinan Huaneng has established long-term cooperative relations with many excellent companies in the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries. JPC brand pneumatic products are well-known in the international market and are exported to Western Europe, North America and Southeast Asia

in order to comply with the overall requirements of product supply in domestic and international markets, Mr. Wang Yaoju, President of China pneumatic Association 6.1 ear rate measurement, vice president of hydraulic and air tight association and general manager of Jinan Huaneng, pointed out that "pursuing excellent quality and creating eternal reputation is the consistent goal of Huaneng people, and packaging quality as an important component of product quality is no exception." Recently, Jinan Huaneng has made great efforts in improving the packaging quality by introducing instapak on-site forming packaging system produced by sealed air packaging company to improve the existing product packaging. Through this change, Jinan Huaneng company got rid of the shackles of traditional wooden box packaging and reduced the space demand for storing traditional packaging materials such as wooden boxes and white polychrome foam plates. More importantly, it also greatly reduces the losses to enterprises caused by product transportation damage

traditional wooden cases are plagued with troubles

obviously, an important factor that Jinan Huaneng pneumatic components company considers when looking for high-quality packaging is protection. Although the wooden case packaging widely used by Jinan Huaneng in the past can also provide certain positioning protection, it still cannot reach the buffer protection level required by many pneumatic components. Mr. Deng Wei, deputy general manager of Jinan Huaneng sales company, introduced to us, "wooden case packaging has been used in Jinan Huaneng for 30 years. We must order a wide variety of wooden cases from the cooperative factory every day and store them in the packaging workshop. Because the wooden cases cover a large space, usually there are many wooden cases stacked outside the workshop in the open air." The original wooden case packaging is difficult to play an ideal role in cushioning and shockproof. In addition, the current domestic transportation rough handling is common, and the product damage occurs from time to time. The cost of wooden case packaging is not low, and the lubrication system of products exported to Europe is mainly composed of lubricating oil pump, special relay and pipeline. When Europe is often required to provide IPPC identification verification on the wooden case (that is, the identification symbol on the wooden package registered by IPPC in the international plant Protection Convention for the implementation of pest control treatment as required), which is undoubtedly an additional cost for Jinan Huaneng, It is not conducive to the rapid improvement of the competitiveness of enterprises in the international market

in addition to wooden box packaging, some products of Jinan Huaneng are packed in cartons, and the inside of the cartons are cushioned and protected with traditional bubble film and paper card padding. Operators first wrap the pneumatic components with bubble film to provide surface protection. After the products are put into the carton, select a paper card pad of appropriate size to fill the excess space between the products and the carton to achieve a certain product positioning effect. The whole packaging process takes considerable labor and time, and extra manpower is often added during the peak shipment

on site forming packaging is efficient and safe

after a comprehensive review and evaluation of the existing packaging methods, Jinan Huaneng introduced a timely 901 on-site forming packaging system of xiyueer packaging company, and began to change the existing wooden box packaging to carton packaging, while replacing the traditional inner packaging cushioning materials

yinshifa 901 on-site forming packaging system is one of many packaging systems of Hyatt company. The operator only needs to press the trigger, and the all electric system can inject expandable foam raw materials into the carton. This highly elastic foaming foam expands rapidly in the packaging box, and is formed according to the shape of the packed products, so as to realize the effective positioning and cushioning of products in the packaging box, Avoid back and forth movement and collision during transportation

because the on-site formed packaging provides excellent protection for the products, the goods ordered by customers can be delivered in a better state, so the number of customer complaints about damage in Jinan Huaneng company is gradually reduced; Moreover, after the wooden case packaging was changed into carton packaging, the corporate image of Jinan Huaneng company's product packaging appearance, text and patterns became more prominent, and the export of products to Europe was no longer a problem

"the improved packaging method has brought higher customer satisfaction to our pneumatic components products," Mr. Deng Wei said. "Moreover, the time-based 901 packaging system is easy to operate. After only a few hours of training, operators can quickly and effectively package products with different shapes. Now it takes only a few minutes to complete the packaging of a product, which reduces the labor intensity of operators and improves their work efficiency."

the raw material supply system consisting of a pair of 210 liter containers supporting the whole 901 on-site forming and packaging system occupies about 4 square meters of ground space in the packaging area, which greatly saves the warehouse space compared with the wooden box packaging stacked in the original warehouse. Jinan Huaneng company can now use the "excess" warehouse space as product inventory, and the operation of the whole packaging workshop is more smooth and tidy

Another advantage of Jinan Huaneng's switch to on-site formed packaging is that the unique characteristics of time-based packaging can fill the gap between products and packaging boxes. This feature enables Jinan Huaneng company to gradually reduce the size specification of the packaging carton, which is also an additional benefit that Jinan Huaneng company can foresee after adopting the suggestions of the packaging engineer of Hyatt company

the promotion and application of on-site formed packaging has achieved the expected success in Jinan Huaneng. As of the end of March this year, the market has reported that the packaging effect is good, just as Mr. Deng of Jinan Huaneng sales company introduced, "The improvement in packaging efficiency made our packaging operators happy," he concluded ": if we use specific figures to illustrate the savings in our costs, it is expected that the packaging cost can be reduced by more than 100000 yuan per year. Due to the timely development of the on-site formed packaging system, we also have the ability to increase the packaging volume in order to keep up with customers' demand for products. We have achieved the goal of reducing labor and changing the chaos, and achieved some unexpected benefits."

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