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Research on the standard system of packaging materials in various countries

packaging has become a part of people's life, but food safety incidents related to packaging occur from time to time, for which many countries have formulated production standards. Recently, some media reported that the excessive fluorescent substances in paper containers such as instant noodles and milk tea would endanger health. Now the relevant information about the applicable standards of food packaging paper is introduced as follows:

China's "Hygienic standard for base paper for food packaging" clearly stipulates that the lead, arsenic and fluorescence in the base paper that directly contacts food have higher requirements for the smoothness of the sample surface, and the hygienic indicators of light substances, decolorization test, coliform bacteria and pathogenic bacteria, and has formulated the supporting detection method standard "analysis method of hygienic standard for base paper for food packaging". The outer material of food packaging is not applicable to the hygienic standard for base paper for food packaging

at present, paper cups and bowls for instant noodles, milk tea and other food products are generally double-layer film coated products, and the paper materials in direct contact with food should meet the requirements of the hygienic standard for base paper for food packaging. The development of new materials will be significantly accelerated, and the film coated materials should meet the corresponding standards. The outer materials of food packaging containers should avoid direct contact with food, and measures should be taken to prevent fluorescent substances from migrating to food to avoid endangering human health

the U.S. Food and Drug Administration listed the permitted substances in food contact paper and paperboard in Chapter 176 of Part 21 of the code of federal regulations, without restrictions on fluorescent brighteners. FDA also approved a batch of substances that can be used in paper and paperboard through the notification procedure of food contact substances, including fluorescent brighteners

there are no regulations on food packaging paper in the European Union, and the regulations on food contact paper in part 36 of the regulations on food contact materials of the federal risk assessment institute of Germany are generally followed. Bfr36/2 baking paper stipulates that no colorant or fluorescent brightener shall be used in baking paper, but the above substances can be used in multilayer paper and paperboard that are not in direct contact with food under the condition that the colorant or fluorescent brightener does not migrate to food. The directive of the European Council stipulates that only kitchen towels and napkins can be added with fluorescent brighteners, and the maximum dosage shall not exceed 0.3%. Other food contact paper products shall comply with the provisions of German BFR on food contact paper

Japan, Australia and New Zealand and other countries have no specific regulations on food packaging paper, which are only managed by the general regulations on food contact materials

it is understood that the food safety assessment is extremely complex in terms of packaging. People will never eat it in the process of diet, but people are so interested in it for too long. Because the substances staying on the packaging materials will be transferred to food through the medium, which is affected by time, temperature and the medium of packaging materials, and has a great impact on the whole food. It is the most complex and time-consuming type in the whole food safety risk assessment

food packaging materials this cooperation between Bayer and Shanghai chlor alkali can achieve another mutually beneficial and win-win development country, which has many legal requirements. Through the legal system, we can sort out two lines, one is reflected in food safety standards, the other is reflected in departmental regulations. In addition, there are some departmental regulations, and the health and Family Planning Commission also issues the license for a certain product in the form of an announcement

the problem of studying the safety standards of packaging materials, whether it is the European Union, the United States, Japan, is a benchmark in our food standard system, and these three are completely different in some management of packaging materials. Therefore, how to do a good job of our own packaging material standard system in China needs to be carefully studied

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